Whether you're looking to cool your home, workshop, industrial, mining or military site, we can provide a cost effective method that suits your needs.

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We stock a huge range of portable evaporative cooling units for sale and hire to suit all types of applications. Our aim at Portable Cooling Solutions is to provide you with a suitable solution to your cooling problem. Whether you’re looking to cool your home, workshop, industrial, mining or military site. We can provide a cost effective method through the use of internationally proven PORT-A-COOL portable evaporative cooling units. PORT-A-COOL units are effective in solving your cooling issues:

  • Personnel Cooling – Keeping people comfortable on those hot days;
  • OH&S – Managing HEAT STRESS and FATIGUE;
  • Equipment Cooling – simulating lower ambient temperatures for overheating machinery;
  • Ventilation – providing cooled fresh air to poorly ventilated spaces;
  • Produce Cooling – for stock and animals

If you need some advice on your requirements please call our team. We are happy to assist you with your questions.

Portable Cooling Solutions Australia can provide customised solutions through our extensive experience in the Commercial air conditioning industry.
We appreciate your business and you can be sure when dealing with us your getting expert advice, friendly service and ongoing technical support for your product.


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With over 10 different models to choose from in our Port-a-cool range, there will be one to suit your need.